Updates 1/4 to 10/4!!


Things have changed so much over the last months. We are committed to follow the government’s orders so our team has adapted to help in the safest ways possible. Coronavirus means we cannot go into Vial Camp and continue our projects. Instead, we can provide effective assistance in other ways. We are a tiny team (!!) but we are still working hard to help provide other actors with supplies for vulnerable people

🧡 We are also happy to share that some refugees who arrived in Chios in 2018 are now going to be moved onto the mainland – this is some positive news finally and we are so pleased for these people 🧡


We are a small but strong team now. We are counting down the days until Coronavirus stops threatening everyone. When this happy day comes, we will return FULL POWER to our operations 💪💪!!

Landings Update:


There have been no Landings in the last 10 days that we can give an update on.


Apartment Distribution Update:

We distributed to 88 people living in self-funded apartments today.
88 hygiene packs and 176 facemasks (2 per person).
For each of the 10 apartments we gave 1 box of gloves, 3 tea towels, chocolate, ginger cakes, 1 bottle of hair gel, 1 bottle of hand soap, tea, 2 extra soaps as well as 1 extra deodorant per person.
We also gave toys to one child.

We provided with each house with a translated print out of the health and safety advice given to refugees by the Hellenic Red Cross.


Warehouse Update:

These last days in the warehouse we were delighted to receive a pallet of supplies from Hamburger Hilfskonvoi containing large and small towels, shower gel and hand soap and a pallet of 10000 diapers from LE solidarity – these things will be very useful and will help us continue our projects ❤️

We also received a generous donation of 8,208 masks from Team Humanity,Balloona Matata and Help Solidarity Project. These we have distributed to various actors on the island, to support them in the ongoing health crisis. We gave 250 masks to the PORT POLICE, 1000 to IOM, 50 to REFUGEE BIRIYANI & BANANAS and 5,250 to SMH. To the workers in Vial we supplied 25 masks , we gave 50 masks to a nurse from Chios Hospital and 100 to Feox.

We also delivered 400 masks to Chios Prison, along with 768 bars of soap, 218 bottles of shower gel, 210 snack bars and 2200 tea bags.

Along with the masks we gave 180 big body towels, 180 tshirts, 90 joggers, 90 long and short sleeve tops, 180 underwear, 180 pairs of socks, 90 hygiene packs, 4 clothes packs and jackets along with colouring supplies for four 11 year old boys to IOM. These supplies will be provided to unaccompanied minors in Vial. ❤️❤️

We provided 4litres of Anti-bacterial cleaning liquid and 2 boxes of gloves to the Port Police.

We did an emergency distribution to a woman in hospital who gave birth last week. We provided a baby basket for the newborn containing: The nappies, blankets, a baby grow bag, wet wipes, a baby bottle, a soft toy, baby wash lotion and oil, sudocreme and sanitary pads.

Along with organising all these supplies, our small team has been working hard to begin to get the warehouse ready for summer. To do this, we have been putting away the winter stock and clearing space for our summer stock of shorts, tshirts and lighter clothing. It has been a busy week but the team continues to work hard to meet the needs that arise. Thanks to all our donors for helping us to continue our important projects.

We responded in other emergencies for very vulnerable people with the help of our donors ❤️


Vial Cleaning:

As we must respect the quarantine regulations, we cannot be on camp to clean.

Instead, we have organised to have bin bags provided to the camp for residents to use to keep their areas clean.

Every week a supply of bags will be supplied to camp and shared across community areas. We will also provide gloves for residents to use when cleaning.

We hope that these simple, basic supplies will help people to clean their areas as best as they can. Hygiene and sanitation is essential always, but especially at this time.

A massive thanks to all our supporters and volunteers!! and to all the Organisations that operating all over Greece!❤️

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