Updates – 27/4-9/5

The team have worked hard the last 2 weeks as usual but in the top of this We signed the contract for the new place that will be used for distributions of NFIs (non-food items). We are very happy to announce our new project!!

But though we were cleaning the new place we continued to work as well to our main warehouse and preparing supplies for different requests, actors ❤️and for our distributions ❤️

Apartments distribution

We distributed to 202 people!❤️
_Total Items distributed:_
Hygiene Packs 196
Nappies 10
Wet Wipes 18
Sudocreme 9
Face Masks 16
Towels 191
Hand Disinfectant 24
Toilet paper packs 42
Shaving Foam 28
Hand Soap 52
Detergent 39
Extra Deodorant 168
Extra Soap Bars 426
Extra Shampoo 79
Baby Biscuits packs 9
Bags of Tea 43
Pregnancy Clothes 1
Baby Clothes sets 4
Socks 188
Footballs 22
Notebook and pen packs 34
Children’s Toys 20
We have continued to distribute to housing units and apartments throughout Chios. We mainly supply hygienic items, which is very important to have access to, particularly in light of the current situation.
On top of hygiene and general household items, we are also able to provide some items, such notebooks, pens & colours, footballs and toys.
In the last four weeks we have reached just over 400 people.
The need is always great, and we cannot possibly fulfill every gap, but with these distributions, we hope that we can help !❤️
Supplies to different actors!❤️
To Vial Camp Management:
96 tents for those affected by Vial Fire
AfE Community Volunteers:
200 bin bags
2 boxes of plastic gloves
Antibacterial spray
4 x pallets of wood
Families with newborns:
2 x baby baskets
Local Drop Off:
3 x clothes bags
To ARSIS: 825 cakes, 33 bed sheets, 75 bottles of washing liquid, 60 bottles of dishwashing liquid, 10 4lt bottles of floor cleaner, 3 packs of adult diapers, 9 pairs of summer shoes for children, 20 kits for new mothers containing breast pads, sudocreme, nursing bras, wet wipes and cloths.
To SMH: 1 box of nitrile dressings, as well as one bag of ankle, wrist and knee supports.
To IOM we gave extra food supplies to cover Ramadan for the Unaccompanied Minors. And we will continue the same deliveries for 3 more weeks.
We gave bottled water, juice, milk, salt and sugar, pepper, nuts, savory snacks, bread oregano, lemons, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, olives, nutella, olive oil, vinegar, ginger cakes, tomato sauce, butter, plastic cups and plates and tablecloths. All the supplies for the unaccompanied minors covered from donations from the PayPal that our supporters have given ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank you all for your support!!
The Organisations and individuals❤️❤️

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