We are opening a DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE to distribute clothes, hygiene products and other supplies to all refugees and asylum seekers on the island! There are currently no other formal distribution areas on Chios, and this will be an effective way to distribute fairly to our beneficiaries.
With the restrictions put in place because of Coronavirus, many projects from many organisations have had to stop. Distribution of important items such as clothing and hygiene products has been all but impossible to organise whilst respecting the government guidelines.  With a distribution warehouse, we will be able to respect the government restrictions, and continue to distribute safely.
With conditions at Vial camp and its overflow always in decline, the threat of the spread of the virus, and fires becoming more commonplace, where many people lose their homes and all of their belongings – this project will aim to slightly ease these hellish conditions.
This distribution warehouse will also be used for emergency distributions. When there is an emergency, such as a fire where people lose many belongings, we will be able to use this space to organize emergency distributions in a safe and fair manner.
If there is to be a resurgence or second wave of the virus, restrictions will be reinstated, limiting NGO activity again. This project will allow for distributions to continue if this was to happen.
We need your help!
With approximately 5000 people living in and around Vial camp, plus further beneficiaries in apartments around the island, we will be distributing very large amount of items. This project has been made possible because of those who have already donated to the Offene Arme and CESRT paypal accounts. This will be a long running project, with ongoing costs such as rent and electricity bills of the property. The ongoing need for a vast number of clothing will also require your support.
We are launching this fundraiser in order to secure the longevity of this project. We hope to give as many items to everyone as possible and this will require a lot of NFIs to be available. Many of these items will be donated through incredible supporters. We will also be required to buy items that will be very popular.
These NFIs include:
Men’s Shorts – €1.50
Men’s Tshirt- €1.50
Men’s flip flops – €2-3
Child shorts and top set – €6
Child flip flops – 90 cent to €1
Womens leggings – €2
Abaya – €9 Underpants for women and children – 80 cent to €1
Socks – 50 cent
Baby wipes – 90 cent
Sudocream – €3.88 for 125g
Reusable bag – €1
Bottle of water – 12 cent
Antibacterial gel – €1.36
Shopping Trolley – €8
Only with your help will this project be able to continue in the long run.
For the first phase of this project – together with donations pledged from other supporters – we would like to raise €10,000.
Please help us to continue this incredible and much needed project. Any donation, small or large will help!
Thank you in advance for your generosity and support! 

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