All these weeks we have focused to clean, prepare, and organize our new project: The Open Arms Distribution Warehouse!!
Of course our main warehouse hasn’t closed and we have been responding to needs of different actors and organizations, as well receiving many supplies from all over the world ❤️. We sorted many supplies that arrived and prepared many items for the opening of OADW.
We also supplied the following:
To Chios People’s Kitchen Kostas Tanainis we gave 3645 ginger cakes for his food distributions!
We gave 36 liquid hand soaps, 8 litres of hand liquid, 12 litres of cleaning liquid, 8 litres of antibacterial liquid, 24 bottles of floor cleaner, 6 boxes of gloves, 2 handsanitiser sprays, 100 masks and 184 bars of soap to the local school in Kampos.
We did distributions of 7 baby baskets containing essential items for newborns ❤️and baby blankets .
To Triteknoi Chios we gave: 10 packs of size 5 nappies and 10 packs of wet wipes.
To Politeknoi Chios: 100 masks, 20 packs of size 5 nappies and 5 boxes of shoes for men, women and children.
To Arsis: 10 clothing packs containing tshirts, shorts, joggers, socks and underwear for men, women and children as well as 10 packs of nappies, 75 bags of washing powder and 75 bottles of cleaning liquid for the people in apartments.
We payed a company to fix the fencing around the football pitch in Vial. This is a space that is used all day by camp residents to exercise and play games. The fencing was broken making it dangerous for everyone.
Now the fencing has been fixed. The feedback from residents was great and we are pleased that this space is now safer and more functional for exercise and play.
We would like to thank you all for being so supportive!!!❤️❤️❤️
To donate to the new Open Arms Distribution Warehouse, click here:

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