2023 has seen continuing and increasing humanitarian crises in many parts of the world and here in Chios the numbers of new arrivals has increased dramatically. 

The pressure on all of our generous supporters and funders is enormous. 

As the holiday season approaches we invite you to help us by making a gift to a friend or loved one. This could be a non food item (NFI) of your choice, or a contribution to our running costs – both of which are essential ways of helping the refugees in Chios. Without our premises and our coordinators we are not able to serve the beneficiaries and provide them with the much needed supplies. 

To do make a gift:

  1. Click on the item you want to buy;
  2. Fill in the required information about the person who will be receiving the gift;
  3. We will prepare a certificate with all the information and send it to the person you mentioned on your chosen day. 
  4. The world will be a better place because of your support!

Choose your gift

Help us to meet our running costs

Utilities: 80€

This will pay for a week for utilities (electricity, water, internet) for the office, shop and warehouse where all of our operations are centred

Our Vehicles: 90€

This will help us to keep our van on the road for a week - this allows us to take our pop up shop to the unaccompanied minors at Vial.

Help us to purchase essential Non Food items

Shoes: 50€

This will buy 5 pairs of shoes which we try to provide for every new arrival on the island.

Stroller (0-2 years): 80€

This will buy a stroller which we aim to give to every parent with a child under 2 years old.

10 Joggers: 30€

This will buy 10 pairs of joggers - one of the most popular items in our Free shop.

Diaper Cream: 28€

This will buy 5 bottles of Sudocrem for babies which helps keep their skin moisturized and hydrated helping to avoid infections.

15 Packs of Sanitary Pads: 17€

This will buy 15 packs of sanitary pads

10 Deodorants: 11€

This will buy 10 deodorants .

We will send this certificate to your chosen person