Travel Bag Project

Through communication and feedback from our beneficiaries we identified that there was a need for travel bags for those leaving the island.

Food distributions

Since April 2022, we began running monthly food distributions to complement our non-food items (NFI’s). Each month we ask the beneficiaries what they […]


 Since the formation of the very first team in 2015, thousands of volunteers have contributed their time, energy, kindness and resources to provide direct […]

Apartment activities

3 times a week we facilitated activities at apartment blocks which were home to asylum seekers and refugees.

Apartment distribution

Although refugees living in camps make up the vast majority of those displaced on Chios, a small number of especially vulnerable people […] 

Benches for Vial

In the Summer of 2019, the team got the idea to make some picnic tables and benches for the residents of the camp!

Cleaning at Vial

Twice a week our team of volunteers together with community volunteers went into the fields […]

Emergency well caps

 During the course of our team’s cleaning work in the “jungle” area outside of Vial, we have discovered several open wells […]

Football pitch drainage

In Vial there was sewage and waste from overflowing toilets draining into and around people’s tents, as well as into and around […]

Vial stair project

In early February 2020, we built five sets of steps that we installed around Vial Camp, as well as arranging for the installation of […]

Vial games

Playing has a positive effect on a child’s brain and is vital to their physical, cognitive and social development. 

Vial metal grate

The Offene Arme e.V. / CESRT team was alerted to the presence of two abandoned water wells in the fields around Vial camp […]

Vial tea

For the residents living at Vial, it can be difficult to interact with other people on the island – not only because of […]

Water supply to Vial

In 2019, OA/CESRT provided the Vial Refugee Camp with almost 15,000 liters of water per day.