In Vial there was sewage and waste from overflowing toilets draining into and around people’s tents, as well as into and around the football pitch where thousands of people pass every day – including children on their way to play in the pitch.

In response to this – after agreeing with camp management – we started a new project to put drains and a gravel pathway down beside the football pitch to prevent this waste management issue from continuing.

Our volunteers dug out a trench to allow the water and waste to flow away from the pitch. Then we hired a digger to excavate areas that were not able to be dug by hand, as well as to lay underground pipe to connect trenches with existing drains.

After finishing that portion of the project, generous donors (and former volunteers) provided additional funds for draining systems above the stadium area to continue to improve conditions and prevent the problem from reoccurring. With their support we also facilitated power-washing the Astroturf on the pitch, as well as the plastering, washing and painting of the concrete stadium seating overlooking the pitch to make it a cleaner, brighter and more enjoyable space for camp residents.

Finally, since we had a number of volunteers who played various instruments, we celebrated the project completion by putting on a musical hour for the kids on the new more colorful steps.  Our volunteers played guitar and drums and led the children in song.

We would like to thanks all our supporters that is helping us financially with one of the most important projects of the year.