The warehouse is very important for everything we do; it houses our free shop for refugees and asylum seekers, contains all the NGO’s storage and stock and is also the main office area for the coordinators. It is also the home to our wonderful volunteers during the working day.

One of Offene Arme e.V.’s core values is giving back to those that are most vulnerable. Because of this, the warehouse stores a wide variety of non-food items so that, while meeting their needs, we can also provide people with choice, bringing back some normality in their lives.

Day-to-day, our volunteers sort through donations to ensure only the highest quality items are stored as stock for the free shop. Any donations that aren’t selected will then either be washed or mended to see if we can restore their quality, or used to make landing and skin infection packs.

The warehouse is also vital for the preparation of distributions, volunteers count and sort through stock to ensure the correct amount of supplies are being distributed.